PMBS represents some of the nation’s leading retail mortgage lenders, credit unions, and FDIC chartered banks seeking to expand in markets nationwide. We have various lenders seeking various criteria for expansion. Some are banks, some are traditional retail mortgage bankers, and others are the best net branching companies in the nation.

Business philosophy, lending footprint, and production profile are key factors when matching a branch with a prospective lending establishment.


Our lending partners offer:

Geographical Diversity

Nationwide License Exemption

Limited State Charter Exemption

Multi-State Licensed Lenders 

Referral Programs 


Various Cost Structures

P&L Bottom-Line Payout

BPS Override + Salary

Salary + Personal Production

Production Buy-Out + Salary


Wide Range of Amenities

Unique Product Lines

Service Level Guarantees

Entrepreneurial Atmosphere

Loan Officer Recruiting

Understanding in real time what each lender partner has to offer, their current position in the market, and your potential fit is what makes us different. Fill out the Branch Inquiry form for a free analysis so you can be on your way to a match made in heaven.

Basically, we know the inside scoop on our lenders.

They all are looking to grow.  Some fast, some slow.  Their business philosophies are all over the map, as are their lending footprints.  And some are very selective about the profile of the branches and others are more generalists. . PMB finds the value in every branch and producer and seeks to find a perfect fit.

Not a Branch Manager?

  • Loan Officer
  • Underwriter
  • Support staff
  • Processor

We have opportunities for all mortgage industry personnel, contact us today!

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About Us

PMBS is a full service mortgage industry recruiting, headhunting and placement service. While our placements cover all areas of mortgage lending, we specialize in retail mortgage branch manager placement.

PMBS is here to assist mortgage professionals find the right lender platform for their individual needs.

Because PMBS represents so many lenders of different varieties, PMBS professionals never have to compromise themselves by trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.


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