Pro Mortgage Branching Solutions was founded by mortgage branching veteran Daniel H. Jacobs (go to for more propaganda about the PMBS founder) with the belief that those who remain in the mortgage industry are the professionals who call this their career, not just a job. With PMBS he has assembled a team of highly experienced mortgage branching professionals to assist their peers in the industry find the right home for the remainder of their careers in the mortgage industry.

Daniel H Jacobs

Daniel H Jacobs A recognized mortgage thought leader and entrepreneur, Daniel H. Jacobs is an executive who enjoys building and growing companies that solve industry problems through a delicate combination of technology and systems implementation, smart infrastructure and fostering a culture of hard work, loyalty, service, dedication and pride. Using his vast industry connections to ensure options to find a perfect fit. Visit Daniel's website for more information. 

Adam Sidle

Adam SidleWith over twenty years in the mortgage industry, Adam understands branch managers concerns and needs. His experience as both a broker and a banker brings a unique twist that allows him to listen, learn and place you with the lender that best suits your needs. Having operated branches that followed both a call centre and referral based model, his understanding of your struggles and successes allows him to facilitate a perfect match.

The thought leaders that advise and the professionals that comprise PMBS understand the industry is redefining itself in 2014 as new regulations, new compensation rules, and a new business climate require originators to find their own niches and redefine themselves.  PMBS representatives are, by design, consultative in nature, without the pressure to “sell” anyone on anything. Because PMBS represents many lenders who have a variety of approaches, lending footprints, licensing types, etc., PMBS professionals never have to compromise themselves by trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.


The pros at Pro Mortgage Branching Solutions make a career of wrapping mortgage branching with professional solutions!

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About Us

PMBS is a full service mortgage industry recruiting, headhunting and placement service. While our placements cover all areas of mortgage lending, we specialize in retail mortgage branch manager placement.

PMBS is here to assist mortgage professionals find the right lender platform for their individual needs.

Because PMBS represents so many lenders of different varieties, PMBS professionals never have to compromise themselves by trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.


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